Training tips

  • Always have goal in mind and a plan. Going to the gym without a plan is exercise not training.

  • Seek professional advise. Your body is unique as is the best way for you perform exercises. If we take an exercise as simple as a squat, your body dimensions will dictate exactly how you should squat to remain injury free.....just watching someone else will not necessarily mean you can perform the exercise the same.

  • Warm up properly. Your warm should be specific and planned and contain some work to get your body temperature up, some mobility and some activation of the muscles you are going to use.

  • Form comes first. Lifting massive weights is great fun and very challenging but being injured is not (trust me I know). Make sure you are performing the exercise correctly before adding weight.

  • Don't copy someone else's training plan. Just because you admire someones body doesnt mean you should train like them. Professional athletes spend as much time on recovery as they do training, if you're not a professional athlete you may find you burn out very quickly. Seek out a professional and look to have a training plan designed for you!

  • It is better to train more regularly for shorter periods of time than sporadically for long training sessions. Trust me after about an hour of hard training most people are unable to perform anything worth while.

  • Resistance training must be performed at least twice a week. Strength is the gift that keep giving...... want to be mobile at 60?, strength train, want to feel better about yourself?, strength train, improve your body?, strength train. As you may have guessed I'm a big fan of strength training as is the UK government now, who recommend at least two sessions of resistance training every week.

  • Enjoy yourself as was one said "if you enjoy what you do you'll never do a days work in your life!"

  • Training is about consistency one bad day doesn't matter at all, pick yourself up dust yourself off and go again........ Impossible is nothing