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Weight Lifter

Tim Cartwright

Performance coach

I have been helping people reach their fitness goals for over 5 years. Fully qualified to Cimpsa/ Reps at level 3 for personal training with a degree background in physiology and pharmaceuticals.

I'm  passionate about creating lasting lifestyle changes that empower clients to reach their health and fitness goals .

Currently studying  for an Msc in Applied Strength and Conditioning , knowledge and passion are at the forefront of every training session I deliver.

Using a hybridized approach to training, clients reach goals far faster than with traditional training methods. 

Science backed programming with a heavy emphasis on bio mechanics ensure you receive the knowledge, tools and support to be the best version of you.


Why strength training?

Strength is the key that unlocks your bodies potential

My mission is to help you fulfil your potential and help you to utilise resistance training as part of your daily routine, supporting you to reap the many benefits this has been shown to deliver.

There is nothing better than feeling strong! I believe building a solid foundation of strength is imperative for everyone regardless of age and gender.

A strong body prevents you getting injured improves your posture and has massive benefits to everyday life.

All my programmes put you at the centre of this journey.

Regardless of  your goal I will be with you every step of the way.